Motus Technology (Wuhan) Co., Ltd is a high-tech enterprise situated in East Lake, which is dedicated to the development, production, sales and after-sales service of  simulators, 6-DOF/3DOF parallel robot and electric servo control system. It also has "utility model patent certificate", "3551 Guanggu talent plan honorary certificate","computer software work certificate" and "gazelle enterprise certificate". As a high-tech enterprise, it has attracted the attention of provincial and municipal leaders, and has won the gold medal of Hubei entrepreneurship contest for many times.

The company has a group of excellent technicians and managers who master modern high-tech theory and technology, of which 50% have a master degree,10% are PhD and 10% have professional titles. It has complete theoretical basis and practical engineering experience in automatic control technology, simulation technology, computer communication technology and mechanical design technology.

Motus Technology mainly specializes in the design, production and service of electric motion simulation platform, actuators and servo control system and six-degree-of-freedom parallel robot. These products have been widely used in engineering simulation, design evaluation, test, experiment,task training, training evaluation, environmental simulation, event recurrence and so on by the defense industry departments such as in weapons, ships, aerospace, aviation, electronics, civil aviation, petroleum, railway, earthquake, transportation and other civil industry departments.

Motus has also set foot in the cultural and the entertainments equipment industry to win the orders of many leading enterprises, and has established a long-term strategic cooperative relationship. With the deepening of cooperation and the development of more new interactive entertainment experience equipment, the company strives to become the preferred supplier of many cultural and recreational enterprises.

The car racing simulator products independently developed by the company have gained wide attention in professional exhibitions. The recognition of professional users has made the products have the basis for going to the national and international markets. Motus can develop a high cost-effective commercial equipment and simple version for household equipment, supplement the product line, rely on industry exhibitions and business circles, and make commercial equipment and civilian equipment well-known, and strive to achieve its goals. 

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