Enthusiastic outdoor activity for Motus Technology employees

ReportTime:2019-08-05 11:50

In order to enrich the cultural life of employees and strengthen the cohesion between departments, on August 1, 2019, the company employees were heading to go to Chaoxi city for a one-day trip in Longtan (dragon's temple), in the area of Macheng, .

The Longtan Chong in Macheng it is said to have been created a long time ago when a mountain torrent broke out and a giant dragon came down along the river. When it arrived there, the yellow tail of the Dragon swung and the golden light soared into the sky. Then it became the Longtan, so it was called dragon's temple. According to the study, the formation of this pool may be caused by more than a dozen rivers, large and small, and tens of thousands rivers over the years and collided by hundreds of millions of years. Historically, several dozens of miles around this area were called Longtan Chong.

The villages on the two banks of the river below Longtan are Chuka River Bay and Baishuzui Bay, where fish, turtles...etc.

One day's journey to the Longtan River ended with joy and happiness. Employees said that during the tour they not only understood the local cultural characteristics and geographical environment, but also relaxed during the tour, and forged deep friendship with colleagues who seldom meet.

The organization of staff tourism activities is one of the important measures for our company to build corporate culture, train personnel and improve the incentive mechanism. It not only cultivates the staff's sentiment and strengthens the collective cohesion, but also enables the staff to devote themselves to the future work with full enthusiasm and make greater contributions to the development of the enterprise.
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